A Breakthrough!

March 29, 2011

Tonight I sat at my desk for hours watching the first six episodes of Firefly, (awesome by the way), and writing pages and pages of my next story idea… the story I intend to FINISH. Yes, I know… after my last post it seemed like I would never be able to finish even just a sentence… but today I decided that I WILL finish this story. Case closed. So far I’m really loving where the story is taking me. I never thought I would start writing a SyFy story, but now that I think of it… that is my favorite genre. I am excited to get deeper into it… to see where my characters will take me. That’s another thing… it was a piece of cake to to pick out my character names… which never happens. I wonder if this is what I should have been writing all along.



March 28, 2011

Its not that I have been COMPLETELY slacking.. its just that.. okay maybe I’ve slacked a little. I have been super busy trying to re-read a book for the book club that I am in, getting things ready for the three writing groups I joined, and the BF’s family visited..on top of work and getting ready for another Army weekend. The good news is, is that I have tons of projects lined up for the Project of the week, as long as gotten TONS of addresses for my letter of the week, and I also squeezed out one tiny project this week… so I’m not a total failure. Oh yes and I have read two books this week. SO THERE. I accomplished some things. Okay, now that I have convinced myself that I did something lets move on…

I seem to have this problem where, I am writing pages of ideas for one specific story, when a total new story comes to mind and then I start writing details for that brand new completely different story. So basically I feel like I will never finish one story. I don’t know if my brain freaks out and is too afraid to actually finish a book or maybe I’m just not ready to write a book… but I do want to complete one so badly. Does this problem ever happen to you?… How do you stick to just ONE story?