Great Ideas

March 22, 2011

How do ideas come to you? Mine came at 2:32am. I woke up.. wrote the short version of a plot to a new story… and went back to sleep. Does this happen to you? More often than not my ideas are ridiculous. Once I woke up and wrote down. “Girl is in coma and before she can wake up she has to fix and then dies…” and that’s all I wrote. But last night… I feel like I had such a great idea. Then again something I might think is a great idea..might totally fail… but as long as I like it right? I don’t want to mention anything about my new story, yet. But I’ve got about a ten page plot so far…. and I’m trying to think of character names… (which is the hardest thing for me). What do you do to pick your Characters names?

So today I did my project of the week! I tried embroidering. Now my boyfriend thinks I’m an old lady. It was tons of fun.. and can’t wait to do another embroidery project!! Other than that… I bought some new stationary for my letter of the week, ate a lunchable, and worked hard on my project! Tomorrow I plan on at least naming my main character, and finish reading a book, and POSSIBLY cooking a meal. I also should clean my bookshelf… but I can tell that I won’t feel like doing I won’t. ahhh the luxuries of having my own office….