My First Writing Group

March 30, 2011

I was so nervous when I asked the Librarian where Room B was. This was my first writing group, and I just knew that everyone there would be accomplished writers… who was I to join a writing group when I hadn’t accomplished anything? I find the room and there were ten people sitting at a round table, I took the closest seat to the door. I got there just in time for chessey introductions and I listened to them one-by-one talk about their published writings and their three-book contracts. When it finally got to me, I was fighting the urge to run out of the room but I finally just said “Hi, I’m Tiffany, and I’m new to writing, actually I haven’t written anything, I just want to write someday.” They all just stared at me and a mixture of “well that’s good” and “ah” came flowing in my ears. How embarrassing. As the night went on a woman read the first few pages of her new horror manuscript and a man read a short story he wrote based around five words that a friend gave him, the room fell silent. The person who I’m guessing is the head of the group said “Okay, well tonight was a good night, hope to see you all next week!” and people started piling out of the room. As I picked up my notebook and started to put on my jacket feeling quite stupid and not knowing if I was cut out for this writing thing, and older women stopped next to me and put her hand on my forearm and said “Everyone is new at some point, don’t let these pin-heads blow the candles out on your writing dreams.” she laughed at her comment and walked out before I could even muster up something to say. I said “thank you” out loud and to apparently no one because there was no one left in the room.

I think I will go back to this group next week.

Have you ever attended a writing group? How did it go?


6 Responses to “My First Writing Group”

  1. merediiith Says:

    you are really brave! i hope you do keep going if it turns out to be beneficial… you can post all you learn on here!

  2. Surely a writing group should be for people like me and you who haven’t actually written anything yet? Not these show-offs who have already done stuff…

    Good to find your blog and thanks for coming to visit mine!!


  3. l0ve0utl0ud Says:

    I have never been to a writing group, but last year I enrolled on a novel-writing course and had the same feeling as you: I thought that everyone else in the class would already have a first draft of their novel and I’d be the only one with a mere desire of writing one. Turns out that the majority of students were in the same boat as me šŸ™‚ Keep at it and I’m sure you will learn a lot from it.

    • tiffynico Says:


      I’m trying I was really intimidated but I figure that it won’t hurt me to go… I’ll just have to endure listening to all these accomplishments of other writers and then some-how find the guts to ask questions on “how they did that”. šŸ™‚

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