Writers Block and Amazingness

March 16, 2011

I found something that I really want.
For some reason I feel like it would help me with my writers block, most likely not, but that still doesn’t crush my dreams of being the owner of this baby.

It’s beautiful, and I’ve always wanted a typewriter.  I feel like if I don’t snatch it up now then all of them will be gone forever. I want it, I want it, I want it! I guess I’ll be eating whatever is in the fridge for the next few weeks so I can save up every penny to buy it. My biggest fear is that, when I do get it, I won’t enjoy using it, because I am so use to a computer keyboard.

Either way, it is pretty and would look lovely in my office.

What do you think can help you get rid of your writers block?

Do you use a typewriter?


2 Responses to “Writers Block and Amazingness”

  1. Lyra Says:

    I’ve owned two typewriters one was electric and one was manual. The manual one was impossible to type on you have to have really strong fingers. My grandmother when she was my age could do 65 wpm on a manual typewriter.

    When I was in high school a long time ago they had a fundraiser for some school in Africa so I donated my manual typewriter to them. It’s somewhere in Africa now.

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